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Welcome to Cream City Confidant, a Milwaukee based lifestyle blog, covering everything from restaurants and romance to fashion and fitness. Here at CCC we aim to share the things we love, with the community we love. As a native and a newbie to Milwaukee, we offer a unique perspective of our humble little city, its history, culture, and all the facets that make up our lives here. 

Welcome to Cream City Confidant!

Welcome to Cream City Confidant!


This is our little corner of the internet to share with you everything we love about Milwaukee.


We met in 2013 through a small group at our church. Kara was a first-year law student, and Sarah was working for a local newspaper. Over the years our friendship developed, as did our love of this city. Kara knew Sarah as her friend who gave her all the tips and tricks to exploring and knowing Milwaukee. Fast forward to Fall of 2017 when we began to toy with the idea of starting a blog. We were both seeking a creative outlet and with the encouragement of Kara’s husband Tyler, we eventually landed here…2 years later.

As you can read in our bios, we lead different lives but share a great love of Milwaukee. Sarah grew up in the area and has seen Milwaukee change over the years. She loves the city and is constantly exploring the next up-and-coming thing. Kara is a transplant by way of California. After living in Boulder, CO then starting law school at Marquette University, Milwaukee finally started to feel like home. Sarah is currently living in the Third Ward with her dog, while Kara is a new homeowner in Wauwatosa with her husband.

Our hope for this blog is to give a perspective on Milwaukee that you may not have experienced before. One of us is a native; one is a newbie. One lives in the city; the other in the suburbs. One is single; one is married. We have shared a ton of Milwaukee experiences together as good friends, and hope to give you a glimpse of the “Good Land” through our eyes.

You can expect to see a variety of content on this blog. The term “lifestyle blogger” feels very overused in this day and age, but we truly want to share our lives with you. Our closets aren’t filled with designer clothes, we aren’t experts on the latest diets. We aren’t here to share our highlight reel, but to show what’s real in our worlds. Just like Milwaukee, we are down to earth and aren’t trying to be something we’re not.

Thanks for joining on us on this little journey! We hope you enjoy getting to know us and the city we call home.

We also want give a huge THANK YOU to Charlie and Taylor Photography for their help on capturing these awesome photos for us. You can be sure you’ll be hearing more about them here on the blog, but in the meantime check out their website and show them some love!

Life as a Midwest Transplant

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